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It is interesting and amazing to reflect back on life. The New Year makes us do it.  My life in the last year has been exactly what I hoped for and nothing I could have predicted - which is what (I think) all of us are looking for really - adventure and momentum. It is also amazing to look further back and think back to my childhood self. I realize not that much has really changed, although almost everything has.

One of my best early childhood friends, Caitlin, is now a professional opera singer. I remember the first time I ever heard her sing (about 5 years ago) and I almost fell out of my chair. I was simply stunned that such an amazing sound could come out of the person who I had know for so long; a person I had always known loved theater and music - but had never known could sing like that.

Besides being a vocal stunner, she has a naturally theatrical presence, which brings an unexpected dose of fun to her performances. I have seen her do both the buttoned up professional performance and fun, comedic casual performance. She rides the line between the two well, but when there is an opportunity for extra fun, she always grabs it.

While visiting for the winter holidays, Caitlin and I teamed up and had a blast in the studio, playing and creating like we did when we were young.

Caitlin Mathes is currently performing in Portland, Oregon at the Portland Opera. You can hear some of her amazing vocals here or learn more at http://www.caitlinmathes.com.  Styling and photography by ellen kyle / Found & Created.

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